• Where to go Paddle Boarding in South Lake Tahoe

    paddle-boarding-tahoeClean water is one of Lake Tahoe’s most powerful resources. In fact, this is one of the main reasons why millions of people go there every year to enjoy the pleasure of being in contact with an almost unpolluted environment.

    There are so many fun activities to do in South Lake Tahoe! And many of them evolve around this mighty lake. Kayaking, surfing, rowing and paddling are among the most widely sought-after water activities. If you are one of the many visitors who choose South Lake Tahoe to spend some time out, you may be wondering what the best location to buy paddle boards in South Lake Tahoe for your trip.

    If you are looking for peace and tranquility, there is a place you must visit next time you are in Tahoe: the Lake Tahoe Water Trail.

    Lake Tahoe Water Trail: The Ultimate Paddle Destination

    The LTWT may well be a paddle through heaven: wonderful landscapes, amazing forests, see-through waters and deep-blue skies. All of these, together, make up the optimal setting for a unique experience you will never forget.

    With over 72 miles of shoreline to explore, the paddling experience can be carried out in one large circumnavigation lasting a couple of days or in just a day trip divided into segments. With so much shoreline to visit, it is only natural that the trail should offer such a great diversity. If you are looking for an enriching experience, you should not miss out on this chance of following the LTWT.

    What can I see and do?

    Sightseeing: The shoreline is surrounded by top-class eateries, historic sites, shopping areas, museums, art galleries and all sorts of natural attractions. Some of the historic sites include: Thunderbird Lodge, Vikingsholm and Ehrman Mansion. Apart from visiting these places and learning about their history, you can also get an easy access to the beach.

    Lodging Facilities: You can plan an overnight trip by staying in one of the many lodgings or campsite areas.

    Easy lake Access: There are 40 public launch sites that can be easily accessed through highway-quality roads. In addition, comfortable parking areas enable visitors to leave the hassle of city life behind and take their minds off worries.

    What are the Best Access Points?

    The shore can be reached from different public beaches and boat ramps surrounding the lake. Here are the top four recommended locations for easier access and parking:

    North Shore: Apart from getting easy access, visitors can find parking areas, picnic sites, restrooms and rentals.

    South Shore: There is an amazing public launch facility, a restaurant, food and supplies, too. Restrooms, parking, picnic facilities and equipment rentals are available to visitors who reach the LTWT.

    East Shore: Through this public access, visitors can not only reach the shoreline, but can also find restrooms, rentals, restrooms and picnic facilities.

    West Shore: On this side visitors can reach a public beach, campground areas, restrooms, public piers and picnic areas.

    In all, the Lake Tahoe Water Trail is one of the richest natural water resources in the area. Providing magnificent flat water areas fit for paddle boarding, the LTWT is the place to go on your next visit to Tahoe.

  • Reducing Your Responsibility, Increasing Your Profit

    So, you’ve decided to rent your property for the summertime in South Lake Tahoe, California? Most likely you’re not using it as much as you’d like, or you’d like to turn your property into profit.

    If you don’t already know that you’ve made a good investment opportunity- good news. You have! There exists a high demand for this beautiful and serene area. But, with this profit-potential comes great responsibility. Speaking from personal experience (as I have spent many long-weekends at my family home in the Southern Shore of Lake Tahoe) there are several reasons why you should look out for your investment.

    Let me begin with a personal anecdote.

    When my father passed away and I inherited my family home, I decided that I should start renting it out, since my family couldn’t make the drive from the North all the time. So, for six to eight months per year, I would rent it out myself. I would oversee the website, bill payments, visitor payments, cleanliness, basically everything that comes with renting a place. My friends initially were the only ones who would rent my home, which meant that I trusted them with taking care of my historical home, with payments, with security of the home, etc.

    But then I realized the profit just wasn’t there depending solely on one or two friends to rent in those months that my family members didn’t occupy the home. So I put my home up for rent online, and the demand was overwhelming. All these strangers were reaching out to me, and I couldn’t keep up.

    When someone suggested getting a third-party property manager in South Lake Tahoe, I was skeptical. How could I make a profit if I had to pay someone? How do I trust that they have the same perspectives and intuitions on trusting renters as I? Because these managers don’t physically own the properties, they don’t handle things the same way I would like to. But these were all insecurities that I had to rationalize myself, because the benefits far outweigh whatever I thought the consequences would be.

    I never thought having a third party would make a tremendous difference. Not only did the management company I hired take calls from potential tenants, but also met with them, screened them, and managed the payments ahead of time to ensure security. They also formulated contracts, to avoid lawsuits and ensure that my family home was kept in pristine condition.

    However, this took time. I didn’t immediately gain what I lost with keeping an empty rental, but over the months, the user-ratings increased due to the way that management kept-up the rentals. Eventually, demand was so high that I managed to pay both the company and my bills with surplus from my family beach home.

    The active asset that I inherited on the shore turned into spectacular passive investment. Just like any profit, you must nurture it, and watch it grow. In this case, hiring a

    saved me stress, time, and eventually, money.